Thursday, May 30, 2024

Some Players really Hate the Animal Crossing Easter Event

I truly did not know what hate really was until I logged onto Twitter today and discovered that everyone on my timeline, who all were previously enjoying Animal Crossing very much, have done a huge 360 overnight. And it seems that this is all because of the Animal Crossing Easter event.

If this seems odd to you, especially considering the positive reception the event was given when it was first revealed during last week’s Nintendo Direct, then we’d like to point you to the likely culprit of this unease. Yes, we’re talking about the one and only Zipper.

Not only has Zipper been compared to a rather freaky looking rabbit that Resident Evil fans will know of, but there has been a number of different fan theories about whether Zipper is even a real rabbit or not. He does get rather angry if you try and touch his zip, after all…

But outside of Zipper, players are more frustrated that they’re unable to go about their business as usual. You see, Zipper has planted a lot of eggs around your island, and it’s your place to find them and create a beautiful Easter Egg Wonderland. The downside is that fishing, foraging and collecting the bare essentials like iron and clay, has become a guessing game. Will you get the fish you wanted, or yet another water easter egg?

It’s a frustration that seems to be shared by the majority of my timeline, as well as Twitter in general. It makes sense really, if you’re trying to do something important for your island, the last thing you want to collect is yet another easter egg just for Zipper to act like a real creep over it.

Still, when I’m not complaining about how much I detest finding eggs bloody everywhere, the memes for the Animal Crossing Easter egg event are very good. For now, we’ll take that as the slim silver lining of this event.

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