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Animal Crossing Fans Need to Leave Zipper Alone

Have you ever been to a carnival or a fair of some sort, and seen that one person dressed up in a suit that’s getting a ton of attention, but their partner is just standing there looking like an awkward willy? I feel like that perfectly describes Animal Crossing and their latest animal ‘mascot’, Zipper.

Zipper is a hippity, skippity, hoppity ho Rabbit who has joined everyone’s island to celebrate Easter. This event lasts until the 12th, and mostly involves you scouring your island looking for the eggs that Zipper wants. I’ve barely started, as each time I look at Zipper I feel an overwhelming sense of dread that they’ll kill me in my sleep.

But also, beyond the very real fear I feel each time I look into those zippity eyes, I feel as though Zipper just needs to be left alone. He is clearly in pain. Just look at this poor, freaky rabbit the moment you leave his sight.

I almost want to hug the little fella, but truly? It’s probably not worth the risk. That said, if Animal Crossing ever brings in a huge emote, I will pay 500 bells for whoever is ballsy enough to do it. Maybe when you do it, you can actively try and see if he really does have a zipper on his back.

Zipper having a, uh, zip, is one of the reasons why we’re certain he really is a mascot and not like the other animal friends you can meet on your island. If so, then it’s obvious that this is an extremely harrowing situation that Zipper is in. While we don’t have any evidence that Zipper was made to go to your island against his will, we don’t have any evidence that he wasn’t. So, riddle me that one, reader.

With that on your mind, maybe we should just try our best to be kind to Zipper and always leave his line of sight. After all, he can be himself when we’re not around. Which kind of makes us a really bad person if he is doing this in order to prove something to us and yet, we’re standing next to him all the same.

Animal Crossing fans, leave Zipper alone. He doesn’t deserve this and to be quite honest, as soon as my Residential Services are up, I’m complaining to Tom Nook about his treatment. So there.

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