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Stop Making The Animal Crossing Characters Hot

Every day I walk this earth I’m constantly surrounded by new things, some of which often leave me saying ‘I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me’. I’m often left disappointed in trying to fight against that, but lately, several things have been awoken inside of me. And I’m pretty sure it’s to do with people transforming the Animal Crossing characters into humans and making them hot.

Transforming the animal villagers into humans isn’t really a new thing at all. But considering I haven’t really touched an Animal Crossing game since Wild World — Pocket Camp doesn’t count — so a lot of these villagers are completely new to me or I haven’t seen for so long that I can’t really remember what they look like.

The point is this: everything is new territory to me. So, seeing pictures of Orville and Wilbur, our resident fly-boys, as hot humans have left me wondering if I’m considered a furry now. Or a feathery? What even are these terms? Who even am I?

Despite being incredulous about this whole thing, and desperately pleading for you all to stop making me question myself, the art that is coming out around these characters is amazing. Here’s Fuchsia, looking like the snack she is if she was a human and not a deer. You’ll not catch me out, reader. No sirree.

Fuchsia is my favourite villager, because she’s sweet and always lets me dump all my old shirts on her. She’s also incredibly selfless and doesn’t mind if I hit her with the net on accident. With all these stellar qualities, you’ll understand why I’m sad there isn’t a lot of art about her.

But you know who there is a lot of fan-art about? The nerdy, cute, insect-hating museum curator, Blathers. Now don’t get me wrong, Blathers is adorable in his own way, but I was shocked that so many people on the internet would like to get up, close, and personal with him. Nor did I really figure that a few people would perceive him as a twink. The internet really is a wonderful place sometimes.

It isn’t just Blathers that’s getting all the love. Even Tom Nook, the landlord you love to hate, has got the human treatment. I sincerely hope, as I always have the moment I discovered human Animal Crossing characters were being made to look hot, that this doesn’t awaken anything in me. Again, I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me.

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