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The Gayming Magazine guide to getting through 2020

Times are hard. The year 2020 is not living up to expectations. But here at Gayming Magazine, we’re all about positivity and supporting the community.

That’s why we’ve written this guide to helping you through tough times. Whether you’re alone or with others, in need of an escape or some wholesome fun, we’ve got you covered.

For playing together with others

Stuck inside with friends and/or family and in need of entertainment? Pick up a couple of controllers and have a laugh together. Of course, Mario Kart and Smash Bros always go down a storm and with so many ways to connect using multiple Switch consoles, it’s a versatile way to play. Or there’s Overcooked for some bursts of chaotic foodie fun – just don’t blame us if it causes arguments.

Our top pick, though, goes to Snipperclips for something a little more contemplative but no less amusing. Two players on one Switch control adorable shaped characters who must ‘snip’ each other to solve various puzzles. Cute, fun and sure to get your brains working together.

For gaming online with friends

If you were ever thinking of getting into Final Fantasy XIV, now is certainly the time. There’s a huge community out there, a stunningly realised world to escape to, and tonnes of DLC to work your way through as a team. Similarly, Monster Hunter World is a great online multiplayer game with hours upon hours of content to play through.

We’re big fans of Overwatch here at Gayming Magazine, though, so it’s our pick for playing online. Whether in short bursts of cartoon action as a break in your day, or ongoing sessions long into the night, few online games are as addictive as Overwatch.

Overwatch Nintendo Switch

For total isolation

There are tonnes of games we can include in this category. For many, gaming is a major form of escapism, to forget about our daily troubles and explore other fantastical worlds. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Skyrim, or Bioware’s Dragon Age and Mass Effect games will keep you plenty entertained. Or maybe now’s the time to go Korok seed hunting in Breath of the Wild?

For something more cartoony, consider picking up Persona 5: Royal at the end of the month. Sure it’s a little problematic in places, but what’s not to love about a bunch of anime school kids saving the world from its most corrupt leaders? It’s certainly fitting.

Above all, though, it’s time to get into Fire Emblem: Three Houses – if you haven’t already. Yes its deep combat and lengthy campaign are riveting, but it’s also a game about building and managing relationships, about finding the perfect gift or meal for your loved one, about tea parties – need we say more? It’s the wholesome war simulator we all need right now.

Fire Emblem three houses gay options

For total relaxation

Look, we know this category seems pointless with Animal Crossing out later this week, the game that epitomises relaxation (check out our review). But it’s not the only game out there for those of us looking for something on the gentler side.

If you’ve got an hour to spare then Sayonara Wild Hearts is a must – its simple gameplay isn’t taxing, its vibrant art style and incredible pop soundtrack is soothing, and above all its story subtly explores the need for a new beginning. Elsewhere, Pokémon Sword and Shield have a relaxed air to them as you scour the Wild Area for new ‘mon to catch, or you could solve numerical mysteries in the recently released Murder By Numbers.

And if you want something a little more productive, then whisk yourself away to Stardew Valley for a simple life of farming and uplifting townsfolk. It’s the pastoral balm we all need right now.

For stress relief

Maybe you need to let off some steam. Completely understandable. May we suggest a certain fierce witch with guns on her feet, hair for clothes, and colossal demons at her disposal? The Bayonetta series is as wonderfully sassy as its combat is deep, its focus on outlandish and over the top action providing a whacky power fantasy.

Failing that, give Borderlands 3 a try. At the very least, you’re just in time for its new DLC featuring the gay wedding of Wainwright and Hammerlock. Even the base game, though, features some of the most satisfying comic-style shooting this generation with zany aliens and zanier weapons to try.

For fatalists

Video games are full of apocalyptic worlds and zombie outbreaks. Now might not be the best time to play this kind of game.

If you are going to go there, it might as well be one of the best games ever made, right? The Last of Us not only features one of the best examples of video game storytelling with its shocking narrative, but a gay protagonist too (don’t miss the Left Behind DLC). And with its sequel not far away…perhaps now is the perfect time to catch up on this classic.

For staving off anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious, video games can provide some welcome relief. As well as those relaxing games we’ve already recommended, perhaps you’d prefer something with a little more focus?

Celeste is the ideal choice. Yes, it’s tough. But then, so is climbing a mountain. Madeline’s quest to reach the top of Celeste mountain is all about personal triumph, of overcoming adversity to surmount any goal or situation.

If 2020 is our mountain to climb, then let’s climb it together.

Got some other choices? Let us know in the comments!

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