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RuPaul’s DragCon UK queens as Pokémon

RuPaul’s DragCon UK makes its debut here in London on the 18th and 19th of January 2020. RuPaul’s DragCon is a cultural movement celebrating art, inclusivity, pop culture, and all things drag. 

At RuPaul’s DragCon UK, you will be able to meet the entire cast of  RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, some of your favourite queens from the US, and the ultimate Squirrel Friend, Michelle Visage, along with many other exciting celebrities!

To celebrate the arrival of RuPaul’s DragCon UK, we’ve matched each Ru Girl up with the drag queens of video gaming… Pokémon! Check out our matches and see if you agree!

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Adore Delano – Misdreavus

Nocturnal, plays tricks on people and can be quite frightening, the ultimate punk Pokémon! Misdreavus matches perfectly then with the ultimate punk drag queen, Adore, even down to the pink tipped hair. Misdreavus is also known to cry a lot… sorry Adore!

Alexis Mateo – Lilligant

Lilligant is serving padded curves and floral beauty that would slay in any pageant. She’s a fitting counterpart to pageant queen Alexis Mateo, who also loves a headpiece.

Asia O’Hara – Butterfree

Queen of the butterflies, Asia O’Hara’s final lip sync has become one of the most iconic fails in Drag Race herstory. We’ll redeem her here with the beautiful Butterfree who’s even more stunning in Gigantamax form.

Baga Chipz – Grimer

Baga isn’t the classiest of queens and her amusingly irreverent humour proves her mind is in the gutter. That’s probably where you’d find a Grimer – lovable yet filthy.

Bianca Del Rio – Morpeko

Bianca made us laugh hysterically in season 6 with her pithy comments and rolodex of hate, but she has a sweet and endearing side too. Morpeko, introduced in the most recent games, is also a monster of extremes who switches from cute ‘full belly’ mode to ‘hangry’ and bitter.

Blair St Clair – Lumineon

Since season 11, Blair has gone from strength to strength, showcasing gorgeous ultra-feminine looks. And Lumineon is the most glamorous fish of all with those flawless fins and a smile brimming with confidence.

Blu Hydrangea – Dusclops

Sure, she’s named after a flower, but our favourite DRUK look from Blu was her ghoulish cyclops. So the one-eyed Dusclops fits nicely, reflecting Blu’s inner-shady queen.

Bob The Drag Queen – Exeggutor

She might not care as much about looks, though she’s beautiful in her own way, but both Bob and Exeggutor have tonnes of energy and personality (as well as questionable wigs) to stomp over the competition. Walk into the room eggs first!

Charlie Hides – Jigglypuff 

She’s the older queen who (famously) doesn’t lip sync – she sings! Pink puffball Jigglypuff (from way back in generation one) is also a singer with years of experience, even if she does put us to sleep.

Cheryl Hole – Tsareena

You just know that Tsareena would do a fierce death drop, right? Both of these queens have the sass – and the legs – to make short work of the competition.

Crystal – Steelix 

Crystal stunned us all with her Mad Max inspired saw blade look, so she’s definitely a steel type. Just like Steelix, she’s a queen who exudes masculine dominatrix energy.

Derrick Barry – Ekans

Britney Spears has plenty of iconic looks, but we’re big fans of her MTV snake dance. So for Britney impersonator Derrick Barry it has to be Ekans – it’d look great wrapped around her neck.

Divina De Campo – Rapidash

Known for her scarlet locks (and silver dress), what better Pokémon for Divina De Campo than Rapidash, with the longest, reddest, fieriest mane of all. She’s classy and elegant, but don’t cross her or you will get trampled.

Gothy Kendoll – Growlithe

She only lasted one episode, but Gothy made a lasting impression with her tiger face. So it has to be Growlithe: young and cute but with an Arcanine hidden within.

India Ferrah – Bruxish 

You can tell that fish Pokémon Bruxish is a diva who’s beat for the gods – just look at those eyelashes! Only India Ferrah could possibly compare.

Jujubee – Braixen

Jujubee is a sexy, short and fiery queen known for her legendary reads. Braixen is a sexy, short but fiery fox Pokémon you don’t want to mess with.

Laila McQueen – Gothita

Laila’s a gothy queen with some truly creative looks, so we had to pair her with the hypnotising Gothita. 

Mariah Balenciaga – Florges

The gorgeous Florges absolutely serves with her gag-worthy wig, fashion forward outfit and seductive eye makeup – a fitting description of Mariah Balenciaga too.

Mayhem Miller – Umbreon 

In her season, Mayhem proved to be a versatile queen who delivered severe fashion with a little cutesiness, while in the Christmas special her sinister Krumpus outfit gave us terrifying beauty. The sleek Umbreon serves similarly dark beauty.

Miz Cracker – Primarina

Both Cracker and Primarina are beautiful yet quirky, with flowing wigs and a sometimes weird sense of fashion. And you know with that mermaid tail she tastes salty.

Monet X Change – Meowth

Nintendo are yet to give us a sponge Pokémon, so instead get your currency in check with the money-loving Meowth. You know that with her All Stars win and successful chat show, Monet X Change is rolling in coins.

Morgan McMichaels – Obstagoon

Morgan is known for her punky style and competitive nature, so we’re going for the Obstagoon used by the region’s Team Yell gang – they’re aggressive punks who always stand in the way of the hero.

Mrs Kasha Davis – Jynx

Mrs Kasha Davis is an eccentric comedy housewife of a queen, with a big bust and some beautiful gowns. So we’ve gone with the mother of drag queen Pokémon Jynx – you bet she loves a cocktail.

Ongina – Diglett

The original bald queen, Ongina wowed us way back in season one of Drag Race. Diglett is a similarly small and cute monster from way back – plus, in Alolan form, it looks really weird in a wig.

Scaredy Kat – Skitty 

We had to go with a cat Pokémon for Scaredy Kat and Skitty fits the bill: an adorable little pink fluffy ‘mon with a bright future ahead of her.

Serena ChaCha – Bellossom

Evolving from gloomy beginnings, both Serena and Bellossom are flowery creatures who love to dance.

Shea Coulee – Meloetta

Since reaching the final of season 9, Shea’s gone on to release a handful of catchy singles. So we’re going with the fabulous Meloetta: a fierce musical Pokémon whose Pirouette form has similarly fighting spirit.

Sum Ting Wong – Tauros

The Brummie queen made a great first impression with her Bull Ring inspired look on Drag Race UK, so Tauros was an obvious choice, tackling the competition with those horns.

The Vivienne – Ninetales

Glamorous, elegant and with a penchant for blonde wigs, The Vivienne’s fiery competitive spirit is well-suited to Ninetales.

Trinity The Tuck – Porygon

Trinity’s got a lot of plastic parts up in here and quips about her love of plastic surgery. As a man-made Pokémon, Porygon is also a marvel of science, with similarly sharp contoured cheekbones to boot.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – Loudred

Miss Vanjie was an overpowering presence on both her seasons, whose deep gritty voice contrasts with her sleek outfits. Likewise, Loudred is a ‘big mouth’ Pokémon with a supersonic attack – she probably screams her name too.

Vinegar Strokes – Garbodor

The hodge-podge queen, Vinegar earned her nickname after the disastrous car boot challenge of making fashion from junk. Like Vinegar, Garbodor may be a pile of rubbish, but you know she owns it.

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