Thursday, May 30, 2024

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales hits No.1 in the UK

If you’ve been particularly unsocial and stayed indoors to browse Twitter — which you should be, by the way — you’ll have noticed Animal Crossing has dominated the entirety of social media. It seems like everyone and their mother is playing it. This is why we’re not surprised that Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales have been so good.

Scratch that. They haven’t just been good, but absolutely phenomenal. As notes, the launch sales for this latest Animal Crossing has a launch sales that’s bigger than all previous iterations of Animal Crossing combined. Those are some extremely hefty numbers!

It isn’t the biggest launch on the Nintendo Switch if you look at Pokemon Sword and Shield sales combined, but separately? That’s a whole other issue. It just goes to show how well-loved this game series is. Even those who haven’t played too many Animal Crossing games (aka myself) have gone out to buy something that’ll get us through these troubled times.

These numbers don’t even include the Animal Crossing: New Horizons physical sales, so we’re sure that we’ll be blown away when Nintendo reveals those particular stats. We theorize that physical sales may be small in comparison to digital, mostly because delays physical copies have received due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the virus, people playing video games have faced a major increase, with numbers of concurrent Steam users online breaking records. Some games are even adding extra incentives for gamers to stay indoors.

Take it from us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is incentive enough. If you haven’t got it already, give it a go and join your friends in creating paradise on a deserted island.

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