Thursday, December 7, 2023

Meet the Star Wars Galaxies emulator that’s making the Ewok Love Festival LGBT+ friendly

A Star Wars Galaxies emulator may not have been the thing you’d be expecting to read about today. But hey, we love Star Wars and more importantly, we love, you guessed it, love.

In all seriousness, Star Wars Galaxies was one of the most memorable Star Wars games around, but it was sadly shut down back in 2011. However, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t any fans around to try and make up for the loss through a Star Wars Galaxies emulator: Star Wars Galaxies: Legends.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is completely free-to-play, thanks to it being run by a team full of voluntary Star Wars fans. Sometimes Star Wars fans are good, actually. Sometimes.

Anyway, what does this have to do with Ewoks and LGBT+ diversity? For you Star Wars nerds out there, you may already know about the Ewok Festival of Love. For those who don’t, here’s a rundown from dedicated player, RoarAsh, who also gave us the deets of this event! So, thanks RoarAsh!

Nothing quite says romance like Star Wars, ewoks and homoromanticism. That's why this Star Wars Galaxies emulator's Festival of Love is worth celebrating!

“The Ewok Festival Of Love (Known sometimes as EFOL) is an in-game seasonal event based around the real-world celebration of Valentine’s Day. The players in-game share this event with the most iconic furry creatures in Star Wars, the Ewok’s!” In this event, the Ewoks usually give gifts to one another to express their affection.

In the original game, however, this matchmaking and giving gifts were only available for those of same species and of the opposite gender. Typical Star Wars, that.

For Star Wars Galaxies: Legends, however, the Ewok Festival of Love is slightly different. The aspect of players being tasked with matchmaking NPC’s to other NPC’s based on their likes and dislikes is still available, with the only real difference being that they are now able to match with any gender/species.

Interested? The event is still on-going, having started on the 14th of February. It’ll finish on the 6th of March, so don’t hesitate to get started and join your fellow players in a festival that celebrates love, no matter who you are!