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The Gayming Podcast Episode 6: The one where we went to RuPaul’s DragCon UK and talked gaming with drag queens!

The Gayming Podcast Episode 6 has just dropped and it’s a super special episode as we got to go to RuPaul’s DragCon UK and talk gaming with drag queens!

In the studio, I was joined by Andrew Rogers who works in games PR and at RuPaul’s DragCon UK, I was joined by Luke Bennett, who also works in games PR!

What’s In Your Slot?

In this opening section of our podcast, we talked about what we’ve been playing recently.

I talked about retro classic Diablo 3 and it’s FULL of queer energy! From character classes including big beefy bear barbarians, twinky male wizards, drag queen-esque female wizards and the gender fluid emo demon hunters!  Alongside the character classes there are fabulous customisation options with hundreds of different outfits and colours, and, of course, you can accessorise all your kit with jewels! I also surprised Andrew with the knowledge of the hidden super gay unicorn level called Whimsyshire!  

Andrew, meanwhile, has been getting back into Super Smash Bros. He talks about maining Ness and Zero Suit Samus but also enjoying it with different rules like Pokémon-only or Twinks-only. He also is very excited about Fighters Pass Vol 2 as Vol 1 comes to an end with the reveal of Byleth joining Smash – unfortunately this led me back into my Fire Emblem rant mode (apologies, dear listeners).

Andrew also has been going retro (ish) with starting Stardew Valley, inspired by us naming it as a Gayme of the Week. We talked about how lovely Stardew Valley is and how its such a relaxing game to play, great for your mental health… and it’s super gay!

We finished up by talking about LEGO (again, I apologise, dear listeners). I recently discovered that I missed two LEGO games out of my back catalogue of LEGO games played, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I then admit on record that I don’t particularly enjoy these films (sue me), but the reason I brought it up is I was having a conversation with a good friend recently about our shared dislike of games which require you to craft things. We then talked about the beauty and simplicity of LEGO games. Imagine then my horror when I played The Hobbit to discover you have to craft!

Gayming News

Further into the episode, we talked about what we’ve been reading on Gayming Magazine recently.

Andrew enjoyed reading the article about the upcoming arrival of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, Japan, and how it’s created a gayming anthem. He talked about the “trailer” for the land which features the track ‘We Are Born To Play’ by Galantis ft. Charlie XCX (see below). We loved the track and how it’s become a gaymer anthem! It’s also awesome how Charlie XCX is now an Nintendo character and she should definitely be in the next Volume of Smash! We then went on an amazing conversation about how we need more anthems in gaming and more mainstream music in general.

I then talked about the reveal that the awesome physics game ‘Table Manners’ is being released on Valentines Day. Table Manners gives you the chance to meet the person of your dreams: all you need to do is make sure the date is successful! Especially as you’re just a hand and depending on physics, you may just accidentally smack everything off the table in the first five seconds of the actual date! It’s very LGBTQ friendly as you are not playing a character, you are playing you and you can date whoever you want!

Hot Topic

For the hot topic this week, we were invited to attend the first ever RuPaul’s DragCon UK at Olympia in London. We went armed with our Pokémon match ups and went hunting for video gaming drag queens!

As you’ll hear we had an absolute blast, met some amazing queens and found out a lot of them were gaymers! We also enjoyed the weekend as a whole, the energy on the floor was amazing and as a celebration of diversity, individuality and the art of drag, it was stunning (brown cow!).

First up we met Morgan McMichaels who surprised us with her love of RPGs and particularly Assassins Creed! Morgan loved her match up with Obstagoon as she’s tough and punky!

Luke then caught up with India Ferrah who talks about her old school Nintendo loves. She loved her match with Bruxish!

I snatched a quick chat with Crystal who has clocked a lot of hours on Zelda and she loved her match with Steelix, especially as she’s a dom top!

Luke chatted to Gothy Kendoll who, if we’re honest, didn’t care for her match up, Growlithe, as it was probably a bit too close to home being based on her elimination outfit. But, then she revealed she’s a big fan of Civilisation, which was a huge surprise!

I then got to talk to the fabulous Mariah Balenciaga, she’s not a gaymer but her nephew is and she is seeing how people are making a lot of money out of gaming now. She loved her match up with Florges.

Finally, I got to have a good chat with YouTube drag sensations Novympia who love gaming and also loved our match ups, especially the shady ones!

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