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Physics-based dating sim Table Manners release date is Valentine’s Day

Back when we saw this cheeky, physic-based dating sim back during EGX 2019, we were certain that Table Manners was going to be a game to remember. We’re happy to announce that we won’t have to wait long to be prove that we were right, as the Table Manners release date is next month on a very special day.

Yep, that’s right: Valentine’s Day! A day where love – romantic or not – is celebrated everywhere. So, even if you don’t have anyone to spend it with, there’s always a chance you can make your dating life even spicier by setting your date on fire in Table Manners.

Published by Curve Digital and developed by Echo Chamber Games, Table Manners gives you the chance to meet the person of your dreams: all you need to do is make sure the date is successful.

Table Manners release date

The only problem is…you’re just a hand and depending on physics, you may just accidentally smack everything off the table in the first five seconds of the actual date. Some people may be into that, but from our experiences, that seems unlikely!

But what’s a date without the right setting? Not only can you dine in a 5-star restaurant, but the option to fine dine on a spaceship, or a mile up in the air on a private jet is also available. Now that’s what we call ‘true romance’.

What we liked about Table Manners during our time with it at EGX, was how you could pick your date looked like, as well as their gender. It was pretty inclusive, and as you may have suspected, Aimee spent most of her time throwing glasses of wine at all her lady dates. Isn’t she a catch?

Table Manners will release exclusively on PC, Steam on the 14th of February. It will also include a left-hand mode, making it accessible for all.

Aimee Hart

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