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Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC reunites the house leaders

Last week was a wild time for Fire Emblem fans. There was the announcement of Byleth joining the roster in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and then not even an hour later, the Three Houses new DLC trailer was revealed. With Aimee being our resident Fire Emblem fan, you just know she too was very hyped for all the cool reveals.

However, thanks to Eurogamer, we now know some other cool things about the fourth house in the new Three Houses DLC that’s set to launch on the 13th of February. The most important thing we learned was this: the three house leaders are going to be united in the fourth house, Ashen Wolves.

Fans of Fire Emblem Three Houses will know that the three house leaders spend most of the game almost entirely separate from one another, so having Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude join together in this one house offers some very exciting possibilities.

But it won’t just be the house leaders that will be joining us in this new, secret fourth route. Thanks to YouTuber Faerghast and Fire Emblem fansite, Serenes Forest, we now know that a student from each of the three houses will be joining their house leader. These characters are Lindhardt from the Black Eagles, Ashe from the Blue Lions and Hilda from the Golden Deer.

There hasn’t been any confirmed information on why these three students were picked, especially when Lindhardt and Ashe are not retainers like Hilda. Nor do we know if the Ashen Wolves storyline will answer any questions left unanswered by the end of Three Houses. Either way, we’re sure to have more answers the closer it gets to the 13th of February.

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