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Male Byleth finally gets a new boyfriend in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Alert the press everyone, because Male Byleth has finally got more than one option to settle down with a guy. And yes, we do mean a real love interest – not someone who actually sees you as a sibling or has a wife that they end up going back to. Nope, an honest-to-god love interest.

Ultimately this still is pretty poor considering female Byleth gets five same-sex romance options, but it’s still an, albeit minor, step forward in the right direction.

The love interest in particular is a man named Jeritza, whom every player meets during their time at Garreg Mach. We won’t spoil anything, but Jeritza later disappears and only comes back ‘fully’ during the Crimson Flower route aka siding with Edelgard. So, with that said, you’ll need to pick the Black Eagles house and side with Edelgard if you want a chance with Byleth’s new boyfriend.

Jeritza was included in a free update, alongside new activities and outfits. As you can see from above, Jeritza is considered part of faculty rather than a student so think of that what you will.

At this moment in time we’re unsure when you can actually recruit Jeritza, but after loading a save from Crimson Flower at chapter 15 we saw that he was automatically added as a unit.

Unfortunately, Jeritza only has two people that he can gain supports with: Byleth and Mercedes. This calls into question on the amount of depth that Jeritza will have in comparison to the other love interests, but until we play his route we cannot fully comment.

Thankfully, his supports and S-romance with Male Byleth has already been placed on YouTube. We’ve linked it below so fans can see for themselves whether this is a romance worth pursuing or to continue with hacking their game to romance resident sweetheart, Claude.

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