Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Fire Emblem Three Houses gay options expanded thanks to a hack

If there’s one thing that’s certain for everyone that played the recent Fire Emblem game, it’s this: Fire Emblem Three Houses gay options were a total let-down. While we don’t mind older men – hell, some of us prefer them – it was disappointing that only one of the three gay love interests was an actual love interest.

Seriously, Claude offers to dance with Byleth regardless of gender and they go ahead and make him straight? Not cool, Intelligent Systems, not cool at all.

Thankfully, that may be changing. Of course, it’s not due to anything Nintendo or Intelligent Systems have done, and we doubt they’ll do anything to improve romances for gay men at all. But the reason why gay romances may be possible is because of a Fire Emblem hacker’s diligence. We know of this information thanks to Polygon.

We were robbed of you, Claude. ROBBED!

Yes, there is hope in this world after all. It may not feel the same, and for those of you out there who hate the thought of doing anything difficult, we understand that this may not be for you. However, considering there seems to be no other option, we will gladly take any option that allows male Byleth the man of his dreams.

The hacker’s name is Ningyoplug, and over at the GBATemp forums they detailed how they managed to get an S-Support (aka marriage) with Claude after a bit of tinkering. It is far too complicated for our tech-addled brains, but if you want to try it for yourself then go ahead.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a shade more progressive than it’s previous games, especially for the gay and bi gals out there, but it still needs some work to be truly equal for gay men.

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