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RKGK is an anime-inspired graffiti game from Gearbox Publishing

Gearbox Publishing surprised us yesterday when they revealed RKGK, a brand new game from indie studio Wabisabi, at the Triple-i Initiative showcase.

The trailer immediately caught our eye with the bright and colorful anime-inspired visuals mixed with up beat music and fast paced action.

In RKGK you play as Valah, a graffiti writer on a mission to set the citizens of Cap City free. In this 3D platformer, you need to channel you power through art and resist Mr Buff’s mind-controlling technology and the B Corp minions.

In a style that can only be described as Jet Set Radio meets Splatoon, you need to chain together jumps, dashes, glides and grinds to speed through levels – the more vibrant and daring your tagging, the more notoriety you’ll achieve!

RKGK is the first title from studio Wabisabi Games, founded in Mexico City.

Speaking with IGN ahead of the reveal, CEO and co-founder Anwar Noriega, CEO of Wabisabi, said they they wanted to make a game around Latin graffiti culture. “We strongly believe in the medium of graffiti as one of the most honest, purest ways for people to express their minds, especially when the message is not easy to digest.”

In 2020, Wabisabi Games received initial backing from Riot Games’ Underrepresented Founders Program, which invests in founders from underrepresented communities to help them create games and experiences for players of all backgrounds.

With a foundational commitment to support independent developers and being the most developer friendly publisher in the world, Gearbox Publishing forged a partnership with Wabisabi Games to ensure RKGK’s platforming thrills and the studio’s vision are brought to the widest possible global audience.

It’s no surprise to us that this game comes from the Gearbox Publishing arm. The level of chaos, high camp and energy fits well in the same stable as the Borderlands franchise.

RKGK launches into action on Steam this Summer – check out the Steam Page now and add it to your Wishlist!

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