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UNSIGHTED devs announce next project: ABYSS X ZERO

On March 6, Studio Pixel Punk — developers of queer hack-n-slash UNSIGHTED — revealed the next game the two-person studio is working on, a 3D metroidvania called ABYSS X ZERO.

“Announcing: ABYSS X ZERO, Studio Pixel Punk’s new game,” Tiani Pixel tweeted. “A 3D Metroidvania with carefully crafted dungeons and expressive low poly visuals. Take control of two different characters, both legendary heroes with unique abilities, fated to battle each other. Wishlist on Steam now!”

UNSIGHTED was Studio Pixel Punk’s debut game and follows an Automaton named Alma who wakes up to the aftermath of a war with humans that left devastation in its wake. The energy source that Automatons run on, Anima, has started to run out, which is causing others to become dangerous killing machines called the UNSIGHTED.

Alma’s own clock is running out, so she has to make the difficult decision to either save the other Automatons she encounters, or drain them to extend her own life. Beyond that, if you spend too long in a given location, NPCs may become UNSIGHTED before you can meet them, changing the course of the game’s events. To get the full experience, players need to go through multiple playthroughs, ultimately aiming to try to save all of Alma’s friends before they become UNSIGHTED.

ABYSS X ZERO will be Studio Pixel Punk’s second game and is a 3D metroidvania that follows two separate protagonists who are fated to meet in combat: Codename A and Codename Z. Both are legendary heroes in this world, and each has their own fighting style and approach to exploration.

Presumably, we will get more details about the game and its release in the near future, but for now fans will have to settle for officially knowing what Studio Pixel Punk has been up to.

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