Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Hades is coming to iOS via Netflix Games later this month

Late last year, streaming giant Netflix announced that it would be adding Supergiant Games’ darling roguelike Hades to its Games catalog sometime in 2024. Now the platform has given an official release date for the iOS version of Hades, which will come to Netflix Games on March 19.

Netflix Games first announced that it would be porting the Supergiant title to mobile during November of 2023, but didn’t give a specific release date. Now that’s been remedied, with fans being able to expect the iOS version of Hades on Netflix Games later this month.

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Image Source: Supergiant Games

In the studio’s third game, players take on the role of Zagreus, the son of the titular god of the underworld who is desperately trying to escape his father’s realm to the world above. His mother, Persephone, disappeared when he was a baby and he wants nothing more than to try to find her on the surface.

To do this, Zagreus has to traverse the three different levels of the underworld, battling hostile spirits his father has tasked with stopping him. Hades is a roguelike, so Zagreus dies more often than not. But each death provides chances to regroup and upgrade his weapons/abilities before giving escape another try. And Zag isn’t entirely alone, either. He has allies in the underworld itself, and his heavenly relatives also send him boons which grant him a portion of their own divine power.

Hades first released on PC in Early Access, with only the first two areas unlocked. The game fully launched for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020, with Xbox, and PlayStation ports arriving in August of the following year.

Supergiant Games announced that it was developing a sequel to the game — appropriately titled Hades II — during the 2022 Game Awards. This project will enter Early Access and be playable for the public sometime during Q2 of 2024.

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