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Can you be gay in Paleo Pines?

Paleo Pines is a farming and community sim from Italic Pig that released in 2023 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. In it players live in a world where humans and dinosaurs coexist, and our character has their own dino pal named Lucky.

Unfortunately, Lucky has quickly outgrown your city apartment, so you decide to move the two of you to Paleo Pines for a fresh start with more space. You start out with a rundown ranch, much like any farming sim, and have to learn how to take care of it from the locals.

Along the way you also encounter new kinds of dinosaurs and discover how to interact with and tame them. These new buds can learn to help you on your farm, or serve as steeds to help you get around the world. But, you have to make sure you’re taking good care of them, which means providing them with big enough pens that are clean, have food and places for them to sleep.

Paleo Pines screenshot of building pens on the farm
Image Source: Italic Pig

Like other games in this genre, Paleo Pines has a cast of diverse NPCs to interact with. But the question remains, can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Paleo Pines?

There are not romantic relationships in Paleo Pines, so while you might headcanon your character as having a queer sexual orientation, you won’t be able to actually act on it within the game itself. All of the NPCs in this game can only be befriended, not romanced, so any crushes you imagine your character might have will be textually one-sided.

Paleo Pines character creator screenshot of the eye customization screen
Image Source: Italic Pig

That said, Paleo Pines does not impose any gender on player characters at all. You don’t even have to choose pronouns, just your name; the character simply exists. None of the customization items are gender-gated either, so you can make your character look however you want without having to worry about male or female options. Though, there aren’t currently any different options for body types.

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