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Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event kicks off today

On Monday, EA and Respawn revealed the next Collection Event for its battle royale, the Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event which will run in-game from March 5-19.

“Kill or be killed when The Hunt takes over Battle Royale! 🎯” the Apex Legends account posted. “Eliminate Prey Squads, earn rewards, and unlock the heirloom: Octane’s Prototype. All this kicks off with the Inner Beast Collection Event, tomorrow March 5.”

Battle Royale takeover: The Hunt

During the Apex Legends: Inner Beast Collection Event, players will be able to participate in a different version of the battle royale mode called The Hunt. In this mode, players can find Hunt data pads throughout the map that will assign your squad another from the competition to hunt across the arena. Using your data pad, you can track this squad down for a fight to the death.

That said, Prey Squads can outlast the hunt timer, and can also turn on their hunters to bring the fight to them. If a Prey Squad eliminates their hunters, they get rewarded instead.

Players can activate hunts during any part of a match if they find a corresponding data pad.

Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event items

This event includes 24 collectible, event-specific items for players to earn, including Legendary skins for Bloodhound, Octane, Caustic, and more.

Players can earn up to 1400 points per day to apply towards the collection event battle pass.

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