Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Paralives to release for Early Access next year

Paralives, a promising Sims-inspired life simulator from Paralives Studios, is set to release in Early Access next year.

Paralives was first teased back at E3 in 2021. There we got to see the life simulator in action, showcasing the game’s take on creating your very own virtual avatar, designing your dream house, and even going a little deeper into showing how character attraction works. It was a very promising show from developer Alex Massé and the team, and plenty of life-sim fans were eager to see more.

And more has finally come. In a Gameplay Overview trailer released on February 7, the team has revealed more about what to expect when it comes to Paralives gameplay, as well as the game’s release into Early Access.

In the overview, we follow a townie, Anisa. First, we see what makes up Anisa’s character with a quick glance into her personality. Here, players are given the choice to put points into certain traits: Physique, Mind, Creativity, and Charisma. Then you get to pick and choose your Townie’s vibe — are they serious, a jokester, grumpy, etc — their social perk, talent, and lifestyle choices. These options vary, from being able to select if your Townie is a vegetarian, to whether or not you’re good at a talent.

Next we follow Anisa on her journey to getting a job. Much like The Sims and Paradox’s upcoming Life By You, players will need to pay bills in order to get on by in their everyday lives. Considering Anisa was just starting out on her career journey, the only job available to her was to work as a barista. Hey, every little helps and you take what job you can.

What’s exceedingly interesting, however, is just how Paralives combines its interactivity with upgrades. As Anisa’s life continues and we see her make friends, is the level of fluidity that is given to the player. Not only can players work harder at their job in search of a promotion, but they’re also able to do smaller things like listen to music at work to help improve their skills in music, which can lead to more conversation topics and deeper relationship boosts with other Townies. It’s a lot of promise.

Alongside giving players a new look at what to expect in Paralives, the gameplay trailer mentions that will be sure to excite fans is this: Paralives will never have paid DLC — only free expansions. This is a far cry from EA’s The Sims 4, which has often faced criticism for just how expensive their expansion and game packs are, with the base game and the packs altogether coming close to £1000.

Paralives Early Access is coming sometime in 2025.

Aimee Hart

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