Tuesday, March 5, 2024

NA Game Changers open qualifier two will no longer have an official broadcast

On February 6, VALORANT Champions Tour announced that it has decided to cancel its planned official broadcast for the second North American (NA) Game Changers open qualifier. This is because the VCT is expanding the length of the open qualifiers to allow for more opportunities to compete.

“In an effort to provide more competition opportunities for teams and increase the chances of qualifying for each main event stage, we’ll expand the number of open qualifiers (from 15 days to 32 days),” the VCT wrote in its official statement.

“While this means more options for teams to compete, it also led to the difficult decision not to have an official broadcast for Game Changers NA Open Qualifiers. Instead, we’ll provide an observer clean feed through Raidiant, our tournament organizer, with the opportunity for anyone to apply to broadcast the games and support the Game Changers ecosystem.”

Fans will be able to watch the observer-only stream on the Raidiant Twitch channel. Players will also be allowed to stream their POV during the tournaments, but they must use at least a five minute delay, and still have to fill out the registration form for broadcasters. They also cannot stream if their matches are also being streamed by Riot or Raidiant. Those who want to host watch parties and/or co-streams will need to fill out this form and use the observer feed to broadcast over.

The NA Game Changers open qualifier two will run from February 6-7, to February 9-10.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.