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Dead by Daylight reveals new original chapter: All Things Wicked

Dead by Daylight ushers in a new foreboding nemesis and unique Survivor to The Fog with the chapter All Things Wicked.

This newest chapter brings forth more questions than answers and an overwhelming but unsettling presence that’ll have Survivors looking over their shoulder, wondering if they’re being watched.

The new Survivor is Sable Ward, a perturbed but courageous young woman who has a connection with Mikaela Reid, another Survivor already trapped in the Entity’s Realm. Ever since Mikaela was swept away by the Entity and into its foul cat-and-mouse games, Sable has been wracked by guilt and an urge to find her friend and bring her home.

The last time she was seen entering a room that, according to Greenville’s PD police report, was not found on the building’s architectural records and plans.

In searching for Mikaela’s whereabouts in her hometown Greenville however, Sable is led directly into The Fog, where her old friend — and the variety of Killers that make up the Entity’s cruel menagerie — await her.

Alongside Sable comes the enigmatic Killer called The Unknown.

The Unknown is shrouded in mystery. Despite many thrill-seekers and researchers trying to understand what this strange entity — and its purpose — is, none are any wiser. Though, that might have something to do with anyone looking into this creature ending up very dead.

What has been revealed is that this new Killer is armed with a deadly toxin that inflicts damage to its prey while plunging them into profound hallucination—creating husks of itself in their minds.

The more toxin is spread, the more powerful its abilities become. Always infesting its prey’s mind, it can swap places with any husk at any time.

Sable and The Unknown aren’t the only ones entering The Fog in Dead By Daylight: All Things Wicked.

Greenville Square is Dead by Daylight’s newest Map, bringing a local cinema concessions stand, a theatre room, even an arcade. Who knew that games and films could be so horrific?

The town of Greenville has an ominous and mysterious history. While it looks quaint and harmless, local legend states that beneath its mask lies something sinister and dark.

What remains is clear: there is no level of escapism and safety to be found in Greenville Square, no matter the pretty lights of the cinema or the hubbub of the arcade games. All that’s there? Evil. Plain and and simple.

Players eager to play All Things Wicked, the newest Dead by Daylight chapter, can try the time-limited public test-build on Steam today.

Dead by Daylight: All Things Wicked will be released on March 12, 2024, for Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch

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