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Can you be gay in Bandle Tale?

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Tale is a new side story from developer Lazy Bear Games and publisher Riot Forge that takes place in the expansive Runeterra universe created by Riot Games.

Unlike its predecessor Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, which is an RPG centered heavily around combat and travelling across Runeterra, Bandle Tale is a smaller scale RPG that focuses more on crafting and resource gathering. We take on the role of a young yordle who has been studying knitting magic under their grandfather for the past 100 years.

Due to an injury to their leg, our character isn’t able to walk very well, but that changes when their grandfather knits a new prosthetic leg to help them get around. With their new limb and a lot of pushing from Gramps, our character begins to go out in the world to have adventures with their friend Clover. One of these adventures is attending a party thrown by Gramps’ former apprentice, Ozzy. Though our teacher doesn’t approve, the two attend Ozzy’s party, and some world-altering shenanigans take place.

Image Source: Lazy Bear Games

In the aftermath, our character has to try to reconnect various islands and find the now missing Ozzy and Clover. To do this, you will have to level up your knitting, cooking, and building skills to throw food stand and festival events that generate a material you desperately need.

Along the way, you meet several characters from League of Legends like Corki, Tristana, Teemo, Yuumi, Viegar, and more.

Can you be gay in Bandle Tale?

Bandle Tale screenshot of the character customization screen
Image Source: Lazy Bear Games

There isn’t really a romance mechanic in Bandle Tale so you can’t have queer relationships. That said, your character is very customizable. None of the appearance features for your yordle are locked behind gender gates, and you get to choose their name and what pronouns they use (from the options of he/him, she/her, and they/them).

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