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Apex Legends celebrates fifth anniversary with new season Breakout

On February 5, Respawn Entertainment and EA announced Apex Legends: Breakout , the next season of the battle royale which will celebrate its fifth anniversary.

In the cinematic trailer for the season, we get to see a day in the life of the games through the eyes of its various Legends, including Loba, Octane, Wraith, and newbie Conduit. This includes fighting in the arena, as well as attending post-match press conferences, and hanging out after the competitions have wrapped up.

The most recent storyline in Apex, Kill Code, has followed Loba and Revenant on their struggle against each other and Octane’s father. But now that the dust has settled there — at least for now — it looks like Apex Legends: Breakout will focus back on Horizon and her mission to return to her son. Though she’s not in much of the trailer, we do specifically get shots of her working together with Ash (an anomaly she even notes out loud), and looking at an object that reminds her of her promise to her son. What Respawn have in store for the red-headed scientist is anyone’s guess until the season debuts, but it will likely involve more conflict with Ash.

Mechanically, Apex Legends: Breakout is introducing Legend Upgrades to the game. These will enhance each Legends’ abilities and armor, giving you a significant boost in battle. Players who haven’t unlocked all of the Legends yet will be interested in this season’s Breakout Rewards, which players earn when six Legends become unlocked during the season. Those who complete challenges will be able to keep their unlocked Legends permanently. Ranked mode is also getting a makeover, with a new “high-risk, high-reward” system that incentivizes players to fight more often.

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, Breakout will offer players anniversary themed maps and cosmetics. Players who collect all 24 of the season’s cosmetic items will immediately unlock 150 heirloom shards. A gameplay trailer for the new season will release on February 8, along with more details about the season. Apex Legends: Breakout will release across all platforms on February 13.

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