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Until Dawn Movie from PlayStation Productions confirmed to be in the works

A Until Dawn movie from filmmaker David F. Sandberg (notable for the Shazam films), Screen Gems, and PlayStation Productions is confirmed to be in the works.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, the film is being described as “an R-rated love letter to the horror genre, centering on an ensemble cast.”

Alongside Sandberg, it is reported that the script, written by The Invitation’s Blair Butler, is being looked at by the screenwriter Gary Dauberman. Dauberman is famously known for being behind hit horror franchises such as It, Annabelle and The Nun.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 9 years since Supermassive Games first released the interactive horror game in 2015. The game follows a group of college students who, after the loss of their friends Hannah and Beth the year before, have returned to Blackwood Mountain. The reason? To party until dawn, of course. Only the Blackwood Mountains hold a dark secret, one that’ll have the group wondering who is friend and who is foe.

At launch, it quickly became an international success, propelling Supermassive Games to produce even more horror games, such as The Dark Picture Anthology, to scare the pants off us nearly every single year since.

Until Dawn
Image Source: Supermassive Games

Looking back at Until Dawn, those who have never played it would no doubt see a stereotype, cliche-filled mess. But, as we’ve argued plenty of times before, that’s what made it so good in the first place. It had everything: young adults who are too horny to make good decisions, the most cringe-worthy one-liners you’ve ever heard, and a setting that made your heart race and your brain stumble with each and every choice you were presented with.

The Until Dawn film certainly won’t be the first from PlayStation Productions. Fans will remember that in the last year alone, video games such as Gran Turismo, The Last Of Us, and Twisted Metal made a move from console to both film and television — with most earning critical success even among viewers who have no interest in video games.

Nor is the Until Dawn movie the first horror to move from console to the big screen. It was only last year that fans of Dead by Daylight were surprised with the information that the asymmetrical horror game was being worked on as a movie by Blumhouse, Behaviour Interactive, and Atomic Monster.

As of now, there has been no confirmation on when the Until Dawn movie is set to release.

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  • I like the concept of an Until Dawn movie, but im kinda curious how it’ll turn out. Will it be heavy story driven like the game and a syfy slasher, i hope it has alot of jump scares.

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