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Superhero dating game Nova Hearts: The Spark gets new release date

On January 23, developer/publisher Lightbulb Crew (the team behind Othercide) announced that the free first chapter of its superhero dating game, Nova Hearts: The Spark, will release on Thursday, January 25 at 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET / 7 am PST / 10 am EST. This initial chapter was originally supposed to release on January 17, but it had to be delayed a bit.

“We would like to inform you that the free first chapter “Nova Hearts – The Spark” will be postponed from its initial launch on January 17, 2024,” Lightbulb Crew wrote in a statement. “The release date is moved by a few days. The first chapter, downloadable for free, will be officially playable at the end of January. One of our core values is to be transparent and to make honest communications. We want your game experience to be the best possible and believe that postponing its release is the best decision we can make. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are pleased to see that so many of you are excited to play the game. We ask you for some patience and thank you for your understanding.”

In Nova Hearts, some kind of mysterious force has transformed you and other attractive people in your area into super humans, with some becoming heroes, and others becoming villains as their alter egos. During combat, you switch into your hero form to enter a turn-based fight where you and your allies can combine your powers and attacks to create devastating combos.

Outside of battle, you can talk, text with, and date civilians and other super humans. Your choices will shape how these people perceive you and how your relationships with them will develop over time. Your relationships will go on to impact your combos in combat in addition to the narrative.

Nova Hearts: The Spark will release on Steam January 25.

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