Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Nova Hearts is your new favourite turn-based dating adventure game

Sometimes you wake up and you and everyone around you have been transformed into powerful superheroes and villains. Or at least that’s the concept behind Nova Hearts from the critically acclaimed developer Lightbulb Crew.

After a strange cosmic force grans protagonist Luce and her friends life-changing powers, they have no choice but to search for answers to this mystery.

With new magical alter-egos, Luce and her crew will fight wild beasts that have begun to invade from alternative universes and dimensions, all while hunting for the origins that have led to these weird and chaotic circumstances. Along the way, Luce can pursue something that doesn’t get brought up enough in your favourite superhero movies: love… and dating.

As Luce, you’ll get to talk and go on dates with different people, and yes, that includes villains. If there are hot singles in your area, Luce is very much down to clown. You’ll even get to text, with your phone being a lifeline to Luce’s community, powers, and even the many connections you can form in Nova Hearts.

Better yet, it’s up to you to decide whether your relationship will evolve into something more serious and form a love connection with someone or if you’re only there for a friends-with-benefits type of relationship. Whatever you’re feeling up for, the decision is ultimately yours to explore.

When you aren’t trying to rizz up your companions, however, you’ll use your powers in turn-based battles against supervillains and their goons. Who doesn’t love a little bit of combat with the supervillain at 6 before going on the date with the supervillain at 7?

The first installment of the Nova Hearts story, Nova Hearts: The Spark, will launch on Steam for PC on January 17. And the best part? It’s absolutely free.

The full Nova Hearts game will then launch sometime in Summer 2024.

Aimee Hart

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