Tuesday, March 5, 2024

FlyQuest Red releases emluo and itnothan ahead of GC Series III

On January 2, FlyQuest Red announced that it has officially released both emluo and Han “itnothan” Nguyen now that 2024 has started and ahead of the North American Game Changers 3 series.

“From the start, @emluo & @itnothan_ have been essential for FlyQuest RED,” the organization wrote on Twitter. “You’ve both been a huge part of our journey, and we know you will always fly high. Thank you.”

Itnothan currently hasn’t made any comment about her release or looking for another team to play for, but emluo has publicly stated that she is on the lookout for another team for the 2024 Game Changers season and other events.

“LFT and now an unrestricted F/A. Preferably Senti/Smokes,” emluo posted on Twitter. “I loved both my teammates and staff at @FlyQuestRED as they’ve been amazing but with the new year they’ve elected to not renew my contract. Still looking to compete in GC3 + future events and will do anything to do so.”

Itnothan is a very experienced player in the North American GC circuit, having played for multiple organizations including Shopify Rebellion, CLG Red, and Moist Moguls Red before joining FlyQuest Red.

Emluo has been beside itnothan for most of the last year, having played together on CLG and Moist Moguls before joining FlyQuest alongside the rest of the MM squad.

FlyQuest Red is a relatively new team in the North American Game Changers scene, debuting during the first official series of 2023. They managed playoff berths during all three series but fell to other teams in the lower brackets each time without a finals appearance.

Now it seems like the organization is looking to do at least a small rebuild ahead of this year’s Game Changers season. That said, replacements for itnothan and emluo haven’t been announced yet.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.