Friday, March 1, 2024

Moist temporarily signs former CLG Red roster

Famous streamer and co-owner of Moist Esports Ludwig Ahgren announced that the organization will be signing the former CLG Red VCT Game Changers roster on a temporary basis to provide them with financial support during the NA VCT Game Changers Series I tournament — which the roster qualified into the main event of, despite having just found out their org was disbanding. After the tournament is over, Ahgren said that Moist will look to help the squad find a new permanent home.

In the video, Ahgren talks about all the players that CLG’s collapse left high and dry, and while that provided plenty of opportunities to sign new players, Moist didn’t just suddenly have the budge to hire all of them. That said, the former CLG Red team contacted Ahgren and Moist, and they felt it was a good match for the duration of this tournament.

“We’re going to pay them a salary for this tournament, and then try to find them a home,” Ahgren said in the video. “Now this is obviously super sudden for Moist, but it felt wrong to not do anything.”

The temporary Moist squad will compete in the 2023 NA VCT Game Changers Series I main event under the name “Moist Moguls.”

CLG — short for Counter Logic Gaming — shut down last week when it was officially sold off by Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. after rumors of layoffs had been circling around the esports industry. The only part of the organization that survived is its LCS division, which has been acquired by NRG and will be rebranded as such.

The timing of this news couldn’t have been worse for the former CLG Red squad, as they has to compete in the open qualifier of the first North American VCT Game Changers tournament of 2023 right after finding out they no longer had an organization behind them. Despite the bad news, the team managed to qualify through the upper bracket of the open qualifier to secure themselves a spot in the main event.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.