Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Chronique des Silencieux is a cosy, story-rich detective game

Have you really and truly lived if you haven’t imagined yourself as a private detective at least once? With Chronique des Silencieux, your imagination isn’t necessary.

Developed and published by Pierre Feuille Studio, Chronique des Silencieux follows Eugène Faury, a rookie private eye investigating the peculiar case of Victor Dousvalon – an old and stubborn history professor whose private life was shrouded in a cloak of secrecy and mystery. Was it just the life of an old eccentric, or was Dousvalon hiding something? It’s up to Faury and the player to find out.

Set in the 1970’s France, this delicate mystery comes with a colourful cast of characters whom Faury must diligently question in an attempt to find out the truth that has laid within the darkness for decades. Players need to dig through secret documents, investigate and cross-reference truths and lies, and do their utmost to sort fact from fiction.

As players uncover more — whether by talking to people, or by using their deductive powers — they’ll be forced to piece together all of the pieces that make up this puzzle and see what they find.

What’s more, from its orange to its blues, this story-rich detective has an eye-catching, hand-drawn illustrated aesthetic and an evocative soundtrack — all of which is inspired by crime thrillers and giallo mystery.

The game will feature full support for both English and French languages at launch, with additional languages to be added post-launch.

Chronique des Silencieux will launch for PC via Steam on January 29, 2024.

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