Thursday, April 18, 2024

Why everyone should be excited for Kind Words 2

Popcannibal’s Kind Words 2 has a simple concept: you read letters that people from across the world have left behind, and with kindness in your heart, you answer them back.

The previous Kind Words game followed this exact same formula to the T, to the point that upon first hearing about its sequel, I wondered what the point of it was. Wasn’t the first game enough?

However, according to Popcannibal, this sequel polishes the features of the first game in exciting ways befitting of a sequel. For example, there’s a brand new area filled with unique ways for users to share kind words — it doesn’t have to be just letters anymore, though letters, stickers, and even the room from the previous game will certainly not be missing from its sequel.

Yet, going outside and exploring the new city adds new possibilities to how players interact with Kind Words 2. You can also dress up your character and share poetry while lo-fi music plays in the background. Players can even fill the skies with wishes, expressing themselves in a safe and cozy way.

Kind Words 2
Image Source: Popcannibal

“We made Kind Words 2 because there aren’t enough online spaces where strangers can be fearlessly open and caring without worrying about likes, subscribes, followers, and any other garbage that gets in between people just talking to each other,” Ziba Scott, founder of Popcannibal said. Not only is that true, but it’s also something that I feel people need right now: a kind word from someone who may not understand you intimately but is willing to help and connect in a way that matters.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is something that I feel should be encouraged in general. Speaking from my own personal experience, the more you open yourself up to people, the more you reap the rewards of intimacy and care. For too long, we have been encouraged to be aloof and guarded because of the fear of being hurt or judged, but as I’ve always said, embracing the ‘cringe’ of feeling the way you do is much better than shutting yourself off from people and community.

Kind Words 2 will be released sometime on Steam for PC in 2024.

Aimee Hart

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