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Larian reveals most popular Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, classes, and more

It’s hard to believe that it’s been under 5 months since one of the best RPGs of 2023 came out. Mainly due to how popular and relevant Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to be, even as we head into the end of the year. No matter who I talk to, they’ve played Baldur’s Gate 3 and are eager to get stuck in for their 340343rd playthrough.

With that in mind, Larian Studios has revealed the latest batch of player statistics and information on Twitter, and boy, was there a lot to unpack there.

The last time Larian revealed some juicy statistics was a little over a week after the game’s launch, so you would imagine there’s been a lot of change since then. And well, the answer to that is… sort of?

In August, the most popular class was Paladin, which remains true. It’s no surprise when you consider that the class often allows you to heal as well as hit things really, really hard. As a Monk player though (which comes out 10th of 12 classes) I’d like to say that you folks are missing out, but you folks do you.

In other news, Gale continues to be the most-played Origin character. 2nd is everyone’s favourite vampire Astarion, 3rd Karlach, 4th Shadowheart, 5th Wyll and then Lae’zel, my favourite frog girlfriend, dead last.

But it isn’t all bad for fans of the ladies. Shadowheart, god’s favourite princess and the most interesting girl in the world, is the most popular romance option in Baldur’s Gate 3, with around 51.3% of players reaching her final romance scene. Fiery tiefling Karlach follows her, and then the determined, lean, ghaik-killing machine Lae’zel. It’s a win for sapphics (and straight men, but mostly the sapphics) everywhere.

The most important statistic, however, confirms that Scratch has been pet around 48.5 million times. Now tell us how many times we’ve thrown a ball for him Larian, the people want to know.

To conclude, Larian revealed statistics about their brand-new Honour Mode. This difficulty mode makes Tactician look Balanced with harder-hitting enemies, Legendary Actions, and fixing players to one save file. There’s save-scumming this time, and if your whole party dies, it’s game over for good. Unless you decide to continue, which is valid, it just won’t be seen as completing Honour Mode, and players won’t get access to that shiny gold D20.

As for how well players on Honour Mode are doing, you may be surprised (as I was) to hear that 465 parties have completed it with no trouble. What’s less surprising is that there have also been over 34,000 players who have died in Honour Mode. Let’s hope the rest of the 158,000 who have started a playthrough in Honour Mode are up for the challenge.

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