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How to help your companions in In Stars and Time

In Stars and Time is a new, time-looping RPG from insertdisc5 that follows a group of adventurers as they try to defeat the king who has frozen time in their country. Unbeknownst to all but one of them, they’re actually stuck in a time loop, allowing them to fix past mistakes and gain new information at the cost of dying and repeating the same day over and over again.

A huge theme of In Stars and Time is the power of friendship/found family, and so part of the game is helping your companions to build up your relationships with them.

How to help your companions in In Stars and Time


Upon asking Isa if he needs any help, he’ll tell you that his project isn’t super pressing and will probably take awhile, so you should ask the others if they need anything first.

Once you’ve taken care of everyone else’s tasks, Isa will guide Siffrin to a meadow, revealing he doesn’t really need help, just wanted to spend time with his friend ahead of the big confrontation.


When you see Mira sitting on the bench outside the Dormont library after your initial conversation, she will noticeably be looking at a big stack of papers. The game will take note of this, and hint that you can learn more about them by investigating her room.

Loop to the third floor of the House and go to Mira’s room. Here you will find more papers like the ones she has in Dormont. They look like dossiers of different people, which just conjures more questions.

After finding these, you can loop back to Dormont and talk to Mira on the bench again. This time, you will have the option to ask Mira what she’s choosing someone for. She’ll freak out, and you can explain what you mean. She’ll admit that she is trying to choose someone for something and will ask for Siffrin’s help. Mira goes on to reveal that she joined a matchmaking service right before the freezing, in hopes of growing as a person in line with her belief in the Change God. The two go on to have a very vulnerable conversation, and Mira gains a new skill to help in your confrontation with the king.


Find Odelie hanging out in the store in Dormont as usual. Start the dialogue options with her, and ask if she needs help. When she realizes Siffrin is serious, she will tell him that she’s looking for a specific kind of book written only in Vauguarde.

As with any book in this game, you should first check in with the librarian in Dormont. That conversation will lead you to the library inside the House. You won’t find the book you’re looking for here, but you can check out a list of people who checked books out before the curse fell. With that info, you can loop back to Odelie in the store and tell her that the book should be at the Boulangerie.

Unfortunately, when you arrive at the bakery and ask about the book, he will tell you that he lent it out to someone else in town. Track this person down (they’re in the house to the right near the bridge you cross to go to the clock tower), and they’ll tell you the book is now with one of the kids who hangs out outside their house. Talk to the kids, and they’ll let you know that they gave the book back to the baker’s daughter, meaning she’s had it the whole time. Return to the Boulangerie and talk to the baker and his daughter again to get the book Odelie is looking for.

Once you’ve found it, Siffrin and Odelie will have a heart-to-heart, and Odelie will gain a new skill.


To get Bonnie to even let you help them, Siffrin has to prove he actually knows them. Our little chef has decided that the only way for Sif to do this is to name their three favorite foods. If you’ve been paying attention during the snack-time sections of your dungeon-delving, you should already know the answers. That said, there’s a lot to keep track of across loops, so you’d be forgiven if you can’t recall all of them or get a little mixed up. Bonnie’s three favorite foods in the order presented by the game are:

  • Rice
  • Pineapple
  • Samosas

After getting all of these right, Bonnie will insist that Siffrin still doesn’t really know them. The only way to prove it is to name their favorite kind of samosas. Again, you should have already had this discussion with Bonnie at some point if you’ve been mixing up your snack choices, but if not, no worries. Bonnie’s favorite samosas are with potatoes, without cheese.

Once you’ve convinced Bonnie that Siffrin really does know them, they’ll ask the rogue to teach them to fight so they can help more during combat encounters. Siffrin agrees, and Bonnie learns to be more effective in combat. We also get some insight into why Bonnie has been so hostile towards Siffrin, and how he lost his eye.

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