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Fashion Dreamer is now available to play

Marvelous Europe has announced that Fashion Dreamer is now available to play (exclusively) on the Nintendo Switch.

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused video game set in the world of Eve, a place where players can express their unique style and fashion through avatars. These avatars are called Muses, and while they do have unique tastes and ideas of what they want to wear, they should ultimately be considered doll-like. They’re there for you to customize, dress up, and use to showroom your different designs.

Described as ‘the game’ for “aspiring fashion influencers”, players can show off their personal style and curate iconic looks. From cozy casualwear to grungy gothic glam, there are hundreds of different options so players can find their one-of-a-kind look. Then, when they’ve found it, they can show off their latest outfit across areas called Cocoons. These Cocoons also allow players to gather around and see what other Muses have conjured up, and if they’re feeling nice, drop a thumbs up or ‘Like’ to show their appreciation.

Fashion Dreamer players can also increase their influence by completing design challenges. These unlock customization options to elevate their brand, and who doesn’t want that?

In our preview of Fashion Dreamer, Ty Galiz-Rowe summarised that the game was “almost modern enough.” The level of customization was applauded; however, what let the game down was its lack of gender-inclusive features. While you do get to choose your gender and body type, there were restrictions to binary genders, and certain clothes were locked to male or female body types. We currently do not know whether that’s been changed at launch.

That said, if you’re after a game that seemingly lets you release your inner fashionista — look no further. And, as Ty points out, it’s also the perfect game for letting your creative side run wild. “Beyond having a world of interactive dolls at your fingertips, Fashion Dreamer also provides a cute new tool for creating visual representations of original characters from fiction, tabletop campaigns, or whatever other creative endeavors you may have cooking.”

Fashion Dreamer is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch. From launch through 20th November, purchases on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch can also take advantage of a 10% discount.

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