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Can you be gay in Thirsty Suitors?

Thirsty Suitors is the latest release from Outerloop Games, who you may remember from their debut project Falcon Age. While the latter is focused on a colonized planet in a sci-fi setting, the former is set here on Earth, and instead focuses on the very messy life and relationships of Jala, a late twenty-something who has just returned to her hometown after a rough breakup.

As soon as Jala gets back to Timber Hills, a legion of her exes decide to team up and confront her one at a time, Scott Pilgrim style. But instead of fighting your love interest’s exes, you’re fighting your own. These confrontations help you to put your past issues with each of your exes to bed, allowing both parties to move forward in a more healthy way. Along the way, you also have to skateboard to investigate a weird local cult, and try to reconnect with your estranged sister.

Obviously, this game is very focused on romantic relationships, primarily those in Jala’s past. But that also begs the question of who she might end up with in the future.

Can you be gay in Thirsty Suitors?

YES. It’s not a choice, it’s a feature that is ingrained into the core of Thirsty Suitors. I’m not sure how Jala personally identifies her sexuality, but she is blatantly, loudly, and messily queer as hell. Her exes include both cis and trans folks across genders, including the one she returned home after, Jennifer. It’s apparent that Jala is still extremely thirsty for most of these folks, and you have the option to flirt with them during your encounters if you so choose.

Thirsty Suitors is available now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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