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Can you be gay in Gods of the Twilight?

Gods of the Twilight is a new, queer, cyberpunk visual novel from Volutian Design that just released its first five chapters in Early Access on Steam. The game follows two protagonists, Farkas and Althea, who are both reincarnated gods who are starting to awaken to their powers. They live in a futuristic, cyberpunk world where magic has been gone for centuries. But now it’s suddenly starting to reemerge, and the apocalypse is looming on the horizon.

Players follow both characters’ perspectives as they navigate the city-ship of New Reykjavík, helping them learn to manage their powers, trying to discover ancient secrets, and making choices for them that will impact future chapters and relationships with other characters.

This, of course, raises the most important question: can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Gods of the Twilight?

Yes, you can be gay in Gods of the Twilight! Farkas and Althea have distinct identities, which include their gender (man and woman, respectively), but both have options to romance characters of different genders. Beyond that, you can also choose to enter polyamorous relationships with certain characters if you’re so inclined.

Interested players can check out the first five episodes of this game’s first season on Steam now. Volutian Designs plan to release chapter and season updates in bundles of five or six chapters every six to 12 months.

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