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Queer, apocalyptic visual novel Gods of the Twilight has launched in early access

On Tuesday, developer Volution Design announced that it has released the first five episodes of its multi-season, episodic, visual novel, Gods of the Twilight, in Steam Early Access.

Gods of the Twilight is set in a dystopian future where magic has suddenly started to make a resurgence and Ragnarök is looming on the horizon. Players view the city of New Reykjavík through two protagonists, Farkas and Althea. Both are reincarnations of ancient gods who are starting to awaken to their powers with the end of the world just around the corner. The two are completely separate in terms of their personalities and roles in the game’s events, but are connected by their shared godhood and home in this city. Both have to evade cultists, learn to control their newfound abilities, and discover ancient truths while navigating their impending doom.

“Our apocalypse is choose-your-own-adventure… which, if you think about it, is kind of like real life,” said Volutian Design co-founder Ashley Micks in a press release. “Change is inevitable, but we’re the ones who get to decide how it goes.”

Each chapter is shaped by your choices as the player, and these decisions carry over between chapters. Some of these choices are interdependent, so your actions will have consequences down the line. Farkas and Althea both meet several NPCs along the way, who both influence and are impacted by your decisions. It’s up to you to shape their connections with other characters, whether that be fostering friendships, stoking rivalries, or wooing a love interest. Potential love interests identify across multiple genders, and players can also choose polyamorous relationships if they so choose.

Gods of the Twilight is now available on Steam in Early Access. Players can check out the first five chapters of the game currently, though the first season is planned to include 20 episodes in total. Volution Design plan to release sets of five to six chapters every six to 12 months going forward. Buying the game in early access guarantees you access to all of the first season.

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