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Women in Games Careers, Development, and Networking Expo arrives this November

The Women in Games, Career, Development, and Networking Expo Event, is set to arrive (virtually) this upcoming November 9.

From undergoing redundancies, restructuring, and general uncertainty among the wider workforce, it’s impossible to deny that the global games industry is facing an overwhelming wave of challenges.

Yet even with these struggles, organizations are also finding it difficult to fill skills gaps in their teams and are eager to expand their workforces to manage projects and exceed expectations.

With this in mind, the Women in Games Careers, Development and Networking Expo seeks to address these challenges head-on by providing support and guidance to individuals affected by redundancies, as well as offering studios who wish to expand their teams a platform to properly connect with a wide and diverse range of potential employees.

Alongside connecting delegates with studios and companies who are hiring, there will also be several speakers at the event, providing insightful first-hand stories that will help fuel career growth and highlight the ever-changing games industry.

If this sounds like the event for you, you can register for the virtual Hopin event here.

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