Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Get festive with the Apex Legends Doppelgangers Collection Event

To celebrate Halloween, the Apex Legends Doppelgangers Collection Event will kick off on October 17, and will run through October 31, bringing new modes, maps, and cosmetics for players to enjoy. The timing of this event is especially fitting, as the current season is focused on walking dead guy Revenant and his beef with Loba.

For those looking to get spooky with their favorite Legends, the Apex Legends Doppelgangers event is introducing a holiday mode called “Trick N’ Treat Trios.” In this mode, players will enter the usual battle royale with an extra imperative: collect candy. By collecting candy and then eating it, you will gain EVO points, charge for your ultimate ability, and 25 points of shield healing over time. Another new item is also part of this mode, the Copy Cat Kit. By using one of these, you can acquire an extra Legend ability for the rest of the match.

Keeping the creepy vibes going, this event is also rotating in “after dark” versions of the Kings Canyon, Olympus, and World’s Edge maps. Beyond being set at night, these versions of the maps have new points of interest to check out and make for a different way to play these familiar stomping grounds.

Because this is a Collection Event, players will also be able to unlock event-exclusive cosmetics by completing in-game challenges and filling out their rewards tracker. If you get each of the 24 event items, you will unlock Revenant’s new prestige skin, “Apex Nightmare.” If you unlock this skin, you can equip and play with it to unlock additional challenges and tiers. Players can earn up to 1,400 points towards their rewards trackers each day of the event.

The Apex Legends Doppelgangers Collection Event starts on October 17 and will end on October 31 across all platforms.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.