Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Games for Gaza bundle has raised over $230,000 in medical aid for Palestine

Games for Gaza is an itch.io bundle whose aim is to raise money for MAP, also known as Medical Aid for Palestinians. It has currently raised over $230,000.

All of the money raised by the bundle (created by Oak Grove Games’ Esther Wallace) will fund medical services and support for Palestinians. At the time of writing this, the death toll among Palestinians has reportedly risen past 8,000, with most affected being women and children.

The attack comes after Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, launched a terror attack on Israel on October 7 that killed more than 1,400 people (via Vox).

Since then, Israel’s counter offensive has hit hospitals, schools, clinics, essential infrastructure, and even homes. It has also affected the Palestinian people’s ability to get clean water, healthcare, food, and even electricity, with Gaza having been “under full electricity blackout for more than 20 days.”

With all this in mind, Games for Gaza’s task is to help aid Palestinians and give them access to effective and locally-led healthcare.

“In response to the ongoing crisis in Gaza and occupied Palestine, we’re creating this bundle to raise funds for the organization Medical Aid For Palestinians. All funds raised will go to the organization.” The bundle’s itch.io page reads.

The itch.io bundle page also included MAP’s vision, which can be read below.

“MAP’s vision is a future where all Palestinians can access an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare, and the full realisation of their rights to health and dignity.

Through our programmes in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Lebanon, we work with trusted and experienced local partners to achieve this vision. Our programmes, designed and delivered by Palestinians, provide access to essential health services and build local knowledge and skills to address Palestinian health problems. In times of humanitarian emergency, we are ready to respond rapidly with aid and assistance.

MAP is also committed to bearing witness to the injustices caused by occupation, displacement and conflict. We speak out in the UK and internationally, and ensure Palestinian voices are heard at the highest levels, to press for the political and social barriers to Palestinian health and dignity to be addressed.”

As of writing, the bundle has passed the original $200,000 goal and is now aiming for $300,000. It includes games from a variety of developers and publishers, with video games like Arcade Spirits from Fiction Factory Games to Extreme Meatpunks Forever from Heather Flowers.

Several other publishers and developers have also voiced their support and intent to give to Palestinian aid charities, such as Cult of the Lamb creators Devolver Digital, as well as Among Us creators, InnerSloth.

The bundle, which has been running since October 26 will conclude on November 9 of this year.

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