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Every LGBTQ+ character in the Netflix Castlevania universe

With the latest series, Castlevania: Nocturne launching just last week, there’s more sexy animated vampire content than ever on Netflix thanks to the Castlevania animated shows.

The original series follows the gruff, borderline alcoholic final son of the Belmont line, Trevor, and a spirited Speaker magician named Sypha as they join forces with the half-vampire Alucard to destroy Dracula before he kills every human on earth. Its subsequent seasons examine what succeeding in that mission actually looks like for the trio, further building out the world and exposing more corruption that has taken root around them.

Nocturne picks up around 300 years after the first series, leaving Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard behind in Eastern Europe to instead focus on the brewing French Revolution. Our sole-surviving Belmont this time around is Richter, a beefy, blue-eyed twunk who’s all too aware that he’s a lil sexy. But don’t let that fool you, he has his own tragic backstory that has left lingering emotional scars

A cool feature of both series is that they openly feature LGBTQ+ characters across the world’s various factions. While both series still limit this representation to side characters, Nocturne has even more explicitly queer scenes within it, giving the show an even gayer vibe overall. So who all is part of the alphabet family? We’ve got the answers for you:

Every LGBTQ+ character in the Netflix Castlevania universe

  • Alucard (bisexual, OG series)
  • Striga (lesbian, OG series)
  • Morana (lesbian, OG series)
  • Taka (gay or bisexual man, OG series)
  • Olrox (gay man, Nocturne)
  • Edouard (gay or bisexual man, Nocturne)
  • Mizrak (gay or bisexual man, Nocturne)

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