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Drags 2 Riches is a deckbuilding card game that lets you live your drag queen fantasy

Bored Wreckers Inc.’s Drags 2 Riches is an upcoming deckbuilding card game where you try to slay the competition as a fierce drag queen. Build up your wardrobe and compete in events with other queens in this game that is meant to be “both fun and educational.”

Drags 2 Riches is a card game for two to five players played in 30-45 minute sessions. Each player chooses a character to serve as their in-game avatar. These characters each come with a unique trait, and these can change over the course of your session. One of your goals while playing is to improve your wardrobe, “taking it from drab to fab,” by playing your cards to buy new ones from the market. You will add these cards to your top-secret show outfit to boost its impact when you finally show it off.

When you decide to show your look off is up to you; you can do so at the end of each round. When a round ends, each player gets to tell the table whether or not they will reveal their outfit on the count of three. Only one person can win a round, but any revealed outfits are discarded once the next round starts. Players will have to decide how much they’re willing to take on, but also have to be careful to not hang onto a great outfit for too long.

There are currently five playable characters in Drags 2 Riches. These include various races, body types, and sexual identities. The diverse cast consists of Keli$ha Keys, Cheeks Illustra, Glam Stoker, Bi Felicia, and Shessica. Their special abilities include ones like Shessica’s “Drag Mother,” which allows you to double the value of a look category for both you and a player of your choice, and Keli$ha Keys’ “All Tea No Shade,” which pretty much acts as an Uno Reverse for this game’s shade mechanic. Learning to use these abilities to your advantage is key to success in this game.

Players can purchase the Drags 2 Riches :Exclusive Edition via Bored Wreckers Inc.’s website, which will ship sometime in October.

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