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Wylde Flowers gets its own merch on Mushroomy

Wylde Flowers, a farm-sim with a witchy twist, has revealed brand new merch on Mushroomy.

Mushroomy is known for being a storefront for artists by artists, where merchandise can be sold without having to worry about massive platforms messing everyone involved around in the process. It’s no wonder then that Studio Drydock has decided its the best platform for their Wylde Flowers merch.

As a reminder: Wylde Flowers puts players in the shoes of Tara Wylde. Tara is a young woman who moves to the island of Fairhaven after her life in the city takes a turn for the worse, and she loses her job and her partner in the space of a week. Tough break.

Alongside having terribly bad luck, Tara’s estranged grandmother, Hazel Wylde, has fallen ill and needs help to look after the land that surrounds her home. Tara makes it her mission to look after her and, along the way, uncovers her witch ancestry.

Players can also develop relationships that are both romantic and platonic, and even get married depending on the choices they make.

Wylde Flowers merch
Image Source: Mushroomy

With all this in mind, Wylde Flower’s merchandise incorporates both the romantic element to be found in-game with charms and keyrings, as well as the adorable animals that can be found on your farm and in the wilderness of Fairhaven.

There’s also plenty for players who didn’t go down the romance route (or wanted to, but Studio Drydock said ‘nuh uh’ to a Violet and/or Peri romance), with cutesy potion stickers, a Violet Flower Shop art print, and our personal favourite — a rainbow alpaca enamel pin.

You can check out the Wylde Flowers merch in all its glory here.

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