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Star Wars fans are thriving in Starfield

It’s a good month to be a fan of sci-fi. Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG has already proven to be a huge hit, scoring favourably among outlets, and now its fans are hard at work in showing off their creativity. How? By creating iconic Star Wars ships and characters in Starfield, of course.

With Starfield, players take to the stars to discover and explore planets, meet new people, and create a new world and life for themselves. With such an abundance of choices to choose from, it’s no wonder that Star Wars fans are absolutely thriving in this new universe. There have been builds of Star Wars characters like Han Solo, a scoundrel through and through who chooses to use his wily ways to help the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars: A New Hope. What makes this particularly ironic is that Bethesda name-dropped Solo back in 2021, describing Starfield as a ‘Han Solo simulator.’

Han Solo isn’t the only nod to Star Wars from Starfield gamers. One of the most exciting aspects of George Lucas’ sci-fi space opera is the abundance of space ships, all of which are plenty memorable. If you can name one, then good news: it’s probably already being worked on by hard-working fans.

The Millenium Falcon, Solo’s hunk of junk (which made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, mind you), has proven to be a popular project for gamers.

User u/QuirkyKlyborg over on Reddit revealed their go at creating one of the most iconic ships in sci-fi (which can be viewed above).

The Falcon isn’t the only Star Wars ship to be created in Starfield, however. Fans of The Ghost, a ship belonging to General Hera Syndulla of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars: Rebels, as well as Anakin Skywalker’s Starfighter. Even Slave-1, Boba Fett’s flagship, has been spotted.

Other iterations of the Falcon, the Ghost, and other memorable spaceships are easy to find on Reddit, showcasing just what Star Wars fans can achieve with Starfield’s creative systems.

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