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Cyberpunk VN ‘Gods of the Twilight’ brings dating and armageddon

Ever wanted to play as a god? Well, how about two? Then you may want to pay attention to Gods the Twilight from developer Volutian Design.

In Gods of the Twilight, players are introduced to the sci-fi setting of a futuristic world where invasive technology and ecological disaster are part of the everyday — especially when it comes to the city-ship of New Reykjavik.

Playing as dual protagonists Althea and Farkas (two reincarnated deities), the two are forced to reckon with this decaying world and their roles in it, all the while evading high-tech cultists out to get them, as well as discovering who they really are and the potential of their abilities. Oh, and did we mention there’s an apocalypse on the way? No pressure.

Formatted as an episodic game with chapters and seasons, Gods of the Twilight features a range of branching paths, including independent choices tracking overlapping consequences for unique endings.

With each chapter that players navigate through, they discover more about Althea and Farkas and the world they inhabit. Each choice you make will be significant and will carry over between chapters, influencing the game’s story beats, its NPCs, and more. The world is ending, but that doesn’t mean there’s zero variables on how it happens.

Relationships are also key in Gods of the Twilight. Together Althea and Farkas can make new friends, and rivals, and even fall in love — either with one another or with the numerous people they meet along the way.

“Like so many others creating their dream projects, we began working on Gods of the Twilight in 2020, but believe it or not, we began before the pandemic! The timing was uncanny, but hopefully, the rest of our work won’t be so prophetic,” said Volutian Design co-founder Ashley Micks. “Real life is already a bit of a cyberpunk dystopia, so it’s interesting to explore what might come next and what it all means for our characters and their relationships. With magic in the mix, of course–the stories of our past are part of us as well. We love chatting about these things, and storytelling has a way of kicking off interesting discussions.”

“This project is the brainchild of two friends who share a deep love for roleplaying and immersive storytelling,” added Volutian Design co-founder Leandro Zantedeschi. “We spent years working on it, improving it slowly and steadily by our own efforts and those of the talented artists, voice actors, and other collaborators we hired to help us. And we did so because we believe in it–we’re driven to create something heartfelt, with complex characters and themes, for an audience that shares our passion and enjoys the world we’re creating as much as we do.”

Gods of the Twilight releases its first 5 chapters in Steam Early Access for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux on November 14, 2023. A demo is currently available on Steam and

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