Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Black Tabby Games’ Slay the Princess releases in October

On Thursday, Black Tabby Games (creators of episodic Southern Gothic horror visual novel Scarlet Hollow) announced that their other project, Slay the Princess, will release for PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck on October 20.

“The world ends on October 20th. Unless you stop her,” Black Tabby Games wrote on Twitter. “Slay the Princess is a hand-drawn horror-comedy and romance visual novel about trust and perception, and it’s releasing just in time for Halloween.”

In this game, players are simply walking through a forest to a small cabin nestled within thanks to the guidance of a mysterious narrator (voiced by Magnus Archives writer Jonathan Sims). According to this narrator, the princess you find chained up in the basement of this cabin is going to destroy the world, and the only way to stop her is by slaying her. Obviously, the princess takes issue with this plan, and she does her best to convince you that killing her is the wrong choice.

Slay the Princess is a game that takes multiple runs to see the full story of, especially since it soon becomes apparent that the princess is, in fact, more than she seems. Whether that means she’s actually an arbiter of doom remains to be seen, as the game delights in testing the limits of your trust. How you approach each run will matter, as the devs state that this is a branching narrative “where what you say and what you believe determines both who you are and how the story unfolds.”

Slay the Princess will be available for PC, Mac, Linux and Steam Deck via Steam, GOG, and on October 20.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.