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Great Houses of Calderia lets you secure your dynasty in Steam early access

On Wednesday, developer Resistance Games and publisher Firesquid announced their feudal strategy epic, Great Houses of Calderia, is now available to purchase in early access via Steam.

Described as “Crusader Kings meets Game of Thrones,” Great Houses of Calderia tasks players with leading a noble family with ambitions of ruling the province of Calderia. To do this, you can instruct your family members to spy on other houses, engage in negotiations, trade, and even marry into other families to secure important political alliances.

While same gender marriages don’t happen in this game, Great Houses of Calderia does allow for LGBTQ+ flirting and relationships. So while you won’t be able to marry the hot lesbian daughter of another family, you still may be able to flirt with her for you own purposes.

“Same sex marriage is unfortunately not possible,” the developers told Gayming. “Same sex relationships and flirting do exist in events and in Calderia society. Just the institution does not endorse marriage.”

Over the generations, you will establish your family’s traditions. These will give your clan different strengths and weaknesses, and your choices in events and over time will eventually shape the personalities of characters in your family. Beyond subterfuge and relationships, you will also get to engage in real-time, tactical battles when diplomacy isn’t enough.

Great Houses of Calderia is available in Steam early access now for $24.99.

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