Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Dead by Daylight announces future Alien crossover

On Tuesday, the Dead by Daylight X (formerly known as Twitter) account, posted a teaser trailer for the game’s next big franchise crossover: Alien.

“The suffocating silence of outer space pushes resolve beyond its limits. Dead by Daylight: Alien. Coming soon,” the account posted along with the video.

In the trailer, we get a slow panning shot of the Nostromo (the commercial tug ship Ripley and crew are on in the movie), leading to the table where we know the iconic chest explosion scene happens. The Alien logo fully fills out on screen, leaving no doubt as to what this could be. After the crossover confirmation graphic, we finally get a shot of the xenomorph growling and dripping saliva before striking at the camera.

This teaser is all we will get for now, as the developers announced that more information will be coming on August 8. For now, we just have the confirmation that the Alien franchise is coming to the asymmetrical horror game. This does seem to indicate that the xenomorph will be joining the cast of killers, as the Alien franchise’s main monster/villain, but we won’t know for sure until August 8.

If the xenomorph does join the roster of Dead by Daylight, she could potentially be hunting the legend himself, one Nicolas Cage, who recently joined the game playing himself as one of the survivors. Even if Hollywood won’t give us this greatest crossover in cinematic history, it seems like video games just might. For full confirmation of exactly what this crossover will actually entail, we’ll have to wait until August 8 when Behaviour Interactive releases more information about what’s to come.

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