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Play as Nic Cage in Dead by Daylight now

On Wednesday, Behaviour Interactive announced that Nic Cage is now live to play as a Survivor in Dead by Daylight via the game’s Public Test Build, which is only available on Steam. This is the first time in the game’s history that a real-life person has joined to play a fictionalized version of themselves. Behaviour previously announced that the actor would be coming to the game back in May, and now players can finally test him out.

In the world of Dead by Daylight, Nic Cage is still a great actor with hundreds of movies under his belt. While shooting a new film in the role of a lifetime, the actor’s performance summons the Entity, the deadly and powerful being that traps Survivors in its Fog as toys for the army of sadistic killers it keeps. Like the others before him, Cage is forced to hide, fight, and run to survive the monstrous murderers that populate this realm.

Nic Cage is a unique actor, which means he’s also bringing unique updates to Dead by Daylight. The actor has three new Perks that make controlling him a brand-new DBD experience. The new Perks are as follow:

  • Dramaturgy: Players will allow their instincts to take over during moments of heightened intensity.
  • Scene Partner: When using this Perk, staring at the Killer will grant players a deeper insight into their process, allowing them to better anticipate their next move.
  • Plot Twist: Players will use their second-to-none acting ability to get deeper into character than ever before, making a bold decision that’s as risky as it is rewarding.

“To say we are thrilled to have Nicolas Cage join the gaming world for the first time with Dead by Daylight is an understatement,” said Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships for Behaviour Interactive, in a press release. “Mr. Cage recorded all his voice lines and was involved every step of the way; his dedication to his craft and professionalism is unmatched. We feel very privileged to have him and to our players: you’re in for a treat!”

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