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Streamer Spotlight: RustyBlu

Back when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, RustyBlu (he/they) knew that there needed to be a way to help others throughout it all. That’s when streaming came in – the number one way to entertain not just yourself, but people at home too. Fast forward, and now he is using his platform to highlight anything and everything that interests him.

We spoke to RustyBlu to find out more about his streaming journey, what influenced them to choose Joystick.TV as a streaming platform, and what his plans for the future are.

When and why did you start your streaming journey, and what initially inspired you to join the streaming community?

I began my streaming journey during the COVID-19 pandemic as a means of uplifting the spirits of my close friends and partners via Discord. With the lockdown measures in place, it became a creative and fun way for us to maintain a sense of intimacy and connection. I drew inspiration from a few individuals who had previously streamed on a now-defunct platform. I overcame my nerves and hit the GO LIVE button for the first time in February 2022.

What factors influenced your decision to choose Joystick.TV as your streaming platform, and how has your experience been with the platform thus far?

While I initially started streaming on a different platform that allowed video game streams, it often felt like gaming was treated as an afterthought there. The platform seemed to prioritize a select group of traditional cam models, which led to a lack of focus on gaming content. As time went on, changes hurt the discoverability of gaymers particularly hard. However, I appreciated the freedom to stream video games on an adult platform and experienced some moderate success while building an audience.

When I discovered Joystick.TV and gave it a try, I found myself completely drawn to it and made it my primary streaming platform. What sets Joystick.TV apart is the absence of gender-based categorization for streamers, creating a more inclusive environment. 

The commitment and enthusiasm of Joystick.TV’s development staff sets them apart from any other adult websites. Their devotion to the project is undeniable. I was genuinely impressed when one of the developers joined my first stream, tipped a few tokens, and even patiently walked me through some settings. It showcased the personal and friendly nature of the team, which made me feel valued as a streamer. I’ve since found myself helping out new streamers where I can, as I’d love to continue the real spirit of community I’ve found on Joystick.TV and to give back some of the love and support that helped me grow over the last year.

As a streamer on Joystick.TV, what aspects of the platform do you enjoy the most? Is there anything that sets Joystick.TV apart from other streaming platforms for you?

One of the things that truly sets Joystick.TV apart for me, is the near-absolute freedom it offers. I’m not limited to focusing solely on gaming or conforming to traditional cam modeling. I can do one or the other, but most often, both! I also enjoy the flexibility to showcase my other skills and interests, such as sewing or cooking. We’re given the opportunity to show pretty much anything we’re comfortable showing. It’s incredibly liberating to explore different creative avenues, and I’ve been inspired by the diverse range of streams I’ve encountered on Joystick.TV.

Growing up playing Metroid and Castlevania on the NES, the aesthetic of my stream heavily draws inspiration from 8-bit games. My emojis, room decor, and overlays all add to a spooky sort of Halloween-is-everyday vibe.

One of the aspects I absolutely adore is engaging in lively conversations with my viewers. We can discuss a wide range of topics, whether it’s the games I’m playing, exploring different kinks and fetishes, or even current events. I strive to create a laid-back, casual environment where everyone feels comfortable and included. There’s a certain level of lewdness that underlies the overall experience, adding a playful and enjoyable element.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a space where viewers can not only indulge in captivating content but also actively participate in engaging discussions, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Aside from the games you typically stream, are there any other games that you personally enjoy playing? If so, what draws you to those games, and do you have plans to stream them in the future?

I’m a pinball fan – there’s something undeniably nostalgic about these classic games, isn’t there? While there are a few quality pinball emulators available that can somewhat scratch that itch, nothing quite compares to standing in front of a physical pinball cabinet. The feel of those smooth buttons, the satisfying pull of the plunger, and the dynamic motion of the balls as they bounce and ricochet around — it’s an experience like no other.

Unfortunately, finding physical pinball cabinets has become increasingly hard. It seems that they don’t generate the same level of revenue as other arcade games for arcades and amusements, resulting in many of these cabinets languishing away in storage. Whenever I inquire about their availability, it breaks my heart to learn that these treasures are slowly deteriorating in a dusty old attic or storage room. 

My ultimate dream is to own a cabinet of “Elvira and the Party Monsters,” although sadly, finding one available is both rare and expensive, and though I don’t currently have the available space to accommodate it, were one to fall in my lap, I’d make it work somehow. I’d sleep underneath it, if that’s what it took!

In your opinion, what qualities make a game particularly well-suited for streaming? Are there any specific elements or gameplay mechanics that tend to resonate with your audience and create engaging streaming experiences?

In my case, sexy games that are designed to be played one-handed are particularly suitable for my streams! Robin Morningwood Adventure and Naked Fighter 3D work really well!

Joystick.TV has been fantastic for opening up unique opportunities for myself and other streamers. A couple of months ago, the developer of Naked Fighter 3D noticed I was streaming it, and came in to watch. He was so impressed by seeing his game being streamed publically, that he asked if he could include my face in a future release! I immediately said yes, so we scanned my face in, and now RustyBlu is immortalized in a sexy video game!

I’m also very grateful to have been given the opportunity to announce the collaboration between the toy company Lovense and NF3D, as there is now native support for those toys in the game, which I happily pounced on. The toy they sent me for doing this was a nice touch, too.


Beyond streaming, what other activities or hobbies do you pursue in your personal life? How do these outside interests complement or influence your streaming content?

Living with a disability has its challenges, and sometimes it can be difficult for me to venture out. However, I find solace and joy in my passions. I grew up a theater geek, and some of my most memorable moments in recent years include attending the West End production of Phantom of The Opera during PRIDE weekend, and catching a mesmerizing Lebanon Hanover set. These experiences hold a special place in my heart, allowing me to immerse myself in the magic of theater and the energy of post-punk music.

Being a bigger guy, I’ve encountered difficulties in finding clothes that align with the alt/goth style I prefer. As a result, I’ve taken up sewing out of necessity. On my streams, you’ll often see me wearing some of my own creations, proudly showcasing my sewing skills and expressing my unique fashion sense.

In addition to my love for theater and music, I’m an avid fan of horror media. I find comfort and relaxation in watching horror films or delving into horror comics. It brings me great joy to gush about queer horror icons like Elvira or Vincent Price, as they have made indelible marks on the genre and serve as inspirations to many. I might not be up to scratch on the latest Drag Race seasons, but when The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula is on, I am glued to the screen. I always wanted to emulate Elvira, as I can easily imagine myself wearing something black and revealing, making snarky jokes about cheesy horror films, all I need is that iconic red velvet couch – and some more fans who are just as into it as I am! 

To find out more about RustyBlu and his channel, head on over to his profile via Joystick.TV.

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