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Lakeburg Legacies Guide: How Romance and Marriage Works

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a picturesque city where you know everyone, the royals aren’t completely terrible people, everyone works hard, and marriage and kids are your number 1 desire, then you’ll probably want to sit down and play Lakeburg Legacies.

Lakeburg Legacies is most aptly described as being a medieval Tinder, where the focus is the player pairing everyone up in marriage – regardless if they like one another or not – and then having babies to continue the aforementioned legacy of Lakeburg. Some marriages will last, some won’t, and some will only be there in the first place because you need someone who’s good at being a lumberjack, and your first villager just isn’t cutting it.

Indeed, marriage in this game is really more about having the right stats so Lakeburg can thrive as the years go on by. But it isn’t all that simple either. This is where our ‘How romance and marriage work in Lakeburg Legacies guide’ comes in.

Lakeburg Legacies Romance
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Lakeburg Legacies Guide: Romance and Relationships

For a game that prides itself on creating a legacy, you may be wondering if there’s more to it than just making sure your villagers have the right stats to succeed at their jobs and whatnot. The answer to that is this: it’s complicated.

On one hand, each villager has traits, likes and dislikes, and buffs/debuffs that are all essential to making up who they are, which means there are plentiful opportunities for you to get to know people in your village. But on the other hand, getting to know another villager requires you to spend your hard-earned heart points — all of which are only produced by happy couples. To put it bluntly: the happier your already married couples are, the better you can form a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with others in Lakeburg.

But how do you form relationships in the first place? By greeting another villager, of course! To do so, select a random villager who you’re fond of and then select their relationships in the top right tab. Depending on how long you’ve been playing the game, and how long this villager has been around, they’ll probably have a few relationships already; their spouse perhaps, or child, or even their workmate. However, if you want your character to get to know someone else, then fret not, that’s possible too.

Lakeburg Legacies Review
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While in the relationship tab, pull up the tab where you can see the rest of the villagers that live in Lakeburg. Drag the one you want to the Spend Time with box and you can choose to either Greet the person or End Your Relationship, which costs a hell of a lot of hearts. If you’ve never met this character before, you will not be able to perform the latter option. Weirdly enough, you’ll sometimes have to ‘Greet’ your own relatives, such as your children or even a grandparent. We’re not sure why that’s the case, but it is, so make sure you do it if you want your characters to have a meaningful relationship with their family.

Depending on your likes, dislikes, traits, what your characters are generally feeling at that moment in time, and whether you’re related or not, your relationship will either be amicable, lusty, or downright hostile. There are some relationships that fall between two different things, but those are rare and, unfortunately, have very little impact on each other’s characters outside of their work ethic, and only if they are in the same profession.

Depending on whether you’re married or not, you can use these developed relationships to help secure a match for your character. But be warned, relationships can change over time depending on what’s happening around Lakesburg and how they’re feeling. It’s very easy for your best friend to suddenly become your worst enemy — especially if you decide to seduce their wife after a round of beers one day.

Lakeburg Legacies
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Lakeburg Legacies Guide: How does marriage work in Lakeburg Legacies?

In an ideal world, marriage requires commitment and love. In Lakeburg Legacies, marriage can really be about all those things too, but the reality of the matter is this: you’re pairing people together because they’re good at the job you need to find a body for, or you don’t mind their stats being passed on through their children. Either way, getting married in this game is as easy as breathing.

If you’ve got a single villager, you’ll need to head to the ‘Couples’ tab on the left side of your screen. Here you’ll see your single villager, as well as a mystical woman who asks you whether you want to find love in Lakeburg itself, or the surrounding areas. Finding love in Lakeburg is a lot cheaper, but it doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage – which means your production of heart points won’t be as good. Finding the love of your life in the surrounding areas, however, requires gold and you’ll need to spend a little more depending on if you’re not pleased with the match you’re given or not.

Once you find the perfect person for your character, you’ll then go on a date where you’ll be asked three questions with two different answers on what you and your date get up to. We hope you remembered their likes and dislikes because you’ll be using them to succeed. If you don’t get a single correct answer, the date will be a failure, and you’ll need to try again.

But if your date does go well, then rejoice: it’s time to get married! The main benefit for getting married (outside of not having to have several homes for single characters) is that you’ll eventually have children. Once you start having children, you can then apprentice those children depending on their stats. The more they work hard at a profession, the more they’ll improve which will only make Lakeburg a bigger, brighter, and better place.

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