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Gayme of the Week: Someone Stole MY LUNCH!

Is there anything worse than, after a long 5 hours of pencil-pushing and trying not to lose your sh*t at colleagues for talking too loud while you’re trying to work, you heading to the shared office refrigerator to grab your lunch… Only to discover that someone’s stolen it? In Someone Stole MY LUNCH! from Studio Clump, the answer is a resounding no.

In this short 15-minute visual novel, players take on the role of an ungendered protagonist who, after spending the night before making the most beautiful katsudon (a Japanese pork cutlet, egg and rice dish) to eat later at work, discovers a thief has eaten their lunch. A simple premise, but with multiple dialogue options, the aim of the game is to try and figure out who could have done such a heinous act.

Despite being a short visual novel, there are plenty of different ways for Someone Stole MY LUNCH! to play out. For example, you could decide that this is the absolute last straw and quit your job immediately, give up on life and just accept that your office is full of jerks, or go to Cale who works in HR who will do absolutely nothing about it. If none of these appeal to you, then perhaps this option will: getting revenge.

Someone Stole MY LUNCH!
Image Source: Studio Clump

We won’t go into too much more detail about how you can find out the food thief’s identity, or why they’ve decided to steal your food in the first place — where’s the fun in being spoiled? But what we will say is that this visual novel captures the same wacky, but delightful hijinks of your favourite comedy, alongside some truly delectable-looking art that will have you staring longingly at your own lunch.

More importantly, the expert way Studio Clump has managed to gain the very essence of office drama, and cracked it up by 110% for goofs is ever so relatable. It’s a funny, rarely-predictable game that may not take long to play and finish, but will leave an impression all the same.

You can play Someone Stole MY LUNCH! over on

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